Past Chairman: Hung-Wen Tsai (蔡鴻文), Sung-Fan Liu (劉松藩), Jing-Hee Wang (汪敬熙), Shou-Shan Chen (陳守山), Hong-Chang Wu (吳鴻昌), Rui-Fong Yang (楊瑞峰).

Chairman: Mei-Jung Yang(楊美蓉)

  1. Preface:Kuoshu (Chinese martial arts) created by many ancestors as an exercise of fitness and self-defense. It does focus on “Emphasis both on techniques and virtues” during thousand years of evolution. As time passing and technology progresses advanced, it gradually formed a traditional folk sport which well known on virtue-ful, skillful and fun. Now it’s not only a important folk sport, but also one key aspect of the international competition. I would like here to give an overview report about this federation develops of implementation work, presentations at the following:

II Organization development:

  1. In 1950 when the martial arts was launched in Taiwan. It founded by many Chinese Kuoshu elders and named “Kuoshu Education Council”. After several years of restructure, there is finally be known as “Republic of China Kuoshu Federation” or “Republic of China Kuoshu/Wushu Federation” in Taiwan and be the base of “International Kuoshu Federation”. It is one of the most important group promoting campaigns to all the people in Taiwan.
  2. In 1978 in response to international development, the establishment of “International Chinese Kuoshu Federation” in order to promote Kuoshu internationalized. Currently we have members spread in five continents, 64 countries (regions). First President is Mr. Chen Shoushan and he is the former honorary chairman also. The current chairman of the Federation is Mrs. Mei-JungYang.
  3. In 1996 we successively participated in various organized activities according to the “Olympic” model in “Asian Wushu Federation” and “World Martial Arts Federation” name.

III. Our Works:

  1. International Sports and exchange activities, noted by the Chinese Martial Arts Wushu Federation and the International Wushu Federation to apply for. In addition to participates games in foreign countries. We also host the World International Kuoshu Championship to enhance our international visibility. For example, in 2008 the first session, the 11th World Kuoshu Championship just finished satisfactorily.
  2. Coach Referee Training: We will hold international A-level coaches, referees seminar and support members to handle national coaches, referees training in their region by their powers and responsibilities. It raises the standard of coaches/referees highly effective.
  3. Duan Ranking System: A unified “Duan” Ranking certification standards system.
  4. Excellent athlete training and coaching, according to the approved of the two training centers. It be executed in whole year time and proved to be effective implementation.

IV Conclusion: Kuoshu, as the Chinese national finest tradition of sports, should promote into a worldwide movement hastely and in need. It would also promote our culture and does extremely help to it.

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